Holy Ten – Back To Back Lyrics

Yeah, no forgiveness this is a straight up diss track (ane ma hearsay!)
Either, it’s prolly the one that ends yours and starts mine

[Verse 1]
Yeah you hanging with the famous, I don’t gotta lie
Room service Kikky all you do is suck ’em dry
Holy Ten poppin’ damnit I’m a monster
She calls herself a rapper but she’s looking like a pornstar

You got bad bars baby, your rhyme schemin gettin’ old that is vintage bruh
You prolly got your rent money in Ginimbi’s car
You prolly think your sugar-daddy is P.Diddy huh?

And that’s the problem, they don’t like you, they just like the curves (please)
Do not reply me, you don’t have the nerves (ease)
Rap is not for rookies, this is only for the greatest
Separate the ratchets and the whores from the ladies

Flexin’ on the gram for them thirsty niggas
Girls get famous when they twerk for niggas
Aw man I’m feeling activated now
To put an X on your name like we dated, yah

This is over Kikky, I just dropped a banger on you
Mess around yeah I might call Chiwenga on you
You and Fucci share bars nigga ghostwritin’
Need to dedicate your time on some job-finding

Heard you took all the awards but we never knew
We just thought you’re just a hooker from the avenues
Nah we’re the ones that’s poppin’ in this industry
No O.V.O but after this one I might make the news

You’re the type to never-wear-a-gown-wife
You’re just everybody in this town’s wife
I’m Zimbabwean yeah I’m not tryna sound white
But I’m in Europe baby, here we do the pound life

Ndimi type yema wives anopisa hupfu
Apa steady flexing zvenyu muchibvisa nhumbu
Makadzingwa kumasowe mukabvisa dhuku
The type yenzara ino poster ikadyiswa huku

Celeb-status-murder, turn me to a felony
(Might turn your little son into aa fan of me)
Akungotya, ndosaka asina kuseka
Moms vake vane CV yeku poster vasina kupfeka

Momati ma bars
Kungobata pasi then momati ma stars?