Holy Ten – Observe Lyrics

Yeah, this is for the struggle
Coz I feel it too

[Verse 1]
This place is really fallin’ apart
This thing is way too broke for me to call it a heart
We’re hanging on the wall and they’ve been throwing some darts
Can a preacher wear a tie and try to call on the gods

I think you saw we really tried to bring the end to the lie
But now the same ones crying all defended the guy
But I won’t pick a side, I’m just in this for peace
No one likes to see their mother steady struggle for fees

There’s only one move left, are we equal or you’re telling us there’s one who’s less
My homie dropped out he’s tryna bust you feds
And the gun do rest on his tattooed chest

But um, we gotta give you credit for when you were bold
Congrats for taking back the country Lobengula sold
Congratulations for the colonists that you opposed
But I don’t think I like the way you treat these human souls

It’s killin’ us, a young man’s only option is to drive a minibus
Vending isn’t ever done for pleasure but you simply just
AK47 single mothers, nah you’re sinning cuz!

I’m not tryna start a rally
It’s an open invitation, come and see what’s in these alleys
Just observe
How many kids are sniffin’ on that glue?
Swastika on your tongue you see my people like they Jews

I know some girls that are surviving, we attack and they shielding
Then some girls that treat their bodies like some government building
I don’t really blame these women pullin’ stunts to survive
She’d rather sleep with different women, she don’t wan’ be a bride

Bus stop and the hunger came to give her a ride
The poverty is frickin’ tryna skin her alive
She’s saying “Oh Lord, why’d you even give me a life?
I keep running and I can’t seem to win me a prize”

Ay, stop acting surprised


[Verse 2]
I’ve got a question

I don’t get it man, why you gotta shoot that vendor?
Go and help all these people at the new start center
That flag is burning, my hands are hurting
Nah this is not a diss but I hang with serpents

I really hate you now!
You wanna see the struggle go to Glenview now
You’re not leaders you’re just more like you’re a dance crew now
And your fans few now, the saints few now

But I told Momma it’s alright, just focus on that target
All you need is hope but you can’t buy that on the black market
Looking up to Heaven, God is in this
Punch hunger in the face you need to harden your fists